Faithful Companions Pet Crematory & Cemetery

Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. about the pet cremation, burial, and memorial process.


How do I know that the pet returned to me is actually my pet?

Faithful Companions Pet Crematory & Cemetery offers privately viewed cremation, but also use an advanced metal tag identification system to ensure that your pet is treated with the utmost care. Your pet's identification tag remains with it throughout the cremation process and is packaged along with the ashes inside of the urn. This is the same process that is required by law in the cremation of humans. We understand that your pet is a member of your family and deserves the very best.

How long does the cremation process take and when will I receive my pet's remains?

Faithful Companions Pet Crematory & Cemetery makes every effort to pick up your cherished pet as soon as possible. We also try our best to ensure that your pet is cremated within 12 hours of arrival to our facility. Faithful Companions Pet Crematory & Cemetery will return your pet's remains and closure package back to your local veterinarian's office, or residence in about 4-5 business days.

In what type of container will my pet's remains be returned?

Each private cremation is returned to the pet owners in an attractive memorial pet urn of your choosing. You can discuss our in-stock options (as seen on our Products Page) or special orders can be accomodated.

Will you pick up my pet at my residence?

Yes. We deliver the ashes back to your local veterinarian or residence. Another option is to contact your local Emergency Animal Hospital for further assistance on preserving your pet until we can pick up your pet.

Can we pre-plan?

Yes. This is recommended as it is easier to deal with prior your pet's passing. Arrangements can be made by contacting your local veterinary hospital.

What if my veterinarian does not offer the services of Faithful Companions Pet Crematory & Cemetery?

We are mainly a pickup service, drop offs are allowed at our facility by appointment only. We do, however, make regular pickups at over 100 veterinary hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Most veterinary hospitals will allow their clients to choose cremation services. If your vet does not offer Faithful Companions Pet Crematory & Cemetery please call and we will help make the arrangements with you and your doctor.

What information should I request about cremation services?

When choosing your selected cremation service, it is important to ask the following questions:
  • When will the cremation service pick up my beloved pet from this establishment?
  • Faithful Companions Pet Crematory & Cemetery will pickup your pet as siib as possible and will be cremated within hours of pickup.
  • Will I receive a certificate of cremation?
  • A certificate of cremation is issued with every individual cremation along with reading material to assist you in the loss of your faithful friend. - Faithful Companions Pet Crematory & Burial Services - Strawn, TX