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"Dear Jim,
This is our Beloved Duchess. Shane & I have been together 18 years, Duchess has been with us almost 16 years. We don't remember life without her and we can't imagine how we'll survive without her again. I suffered four miscarriages and two failed IVFs and Duchess got me through those dark days. I don't know how I'll pull through this loss without her unconditional love and support. She feels like our child to us. One thing helping me is the promise that Shane gave me. Duchess' cremains will go in with me when I pass.
Thank you so much for providing this service. Dr. McCall said you're wonderful and I know you'll be gentle with her sweet body and her soul will be in Heaven awaiting us.
Thank you again,
Shane & Marnie"
Pet Owners of Beloved Duchess - Faithful Companions Pet Crematory & Burial Services - Strawn, TX