Faithful Companions Crematory

Our Story

In Loving Memory
of our Beloved Friend Molly

Our family had a much-loved Cocker Spaniel named Molly – we called her “Maw”. She was my husband’s “Faithful Companion”. Everywhere Jim went Maw went to go too. Their special times together were many, but their favorite was to climb into the John Deere Gator weekend mornings and drive around the lake- Jim drinking coffee and Maw just enjoying life.

Cocker Spaniel

We were visiting our son in North Central Texas when our beloved Maw somewhere escaped from the yard fence and was struck by a car. The veterinarians could not repair the damage without our friend living the rest of her life in constant pain and recommended that we “put her to sleep”. As hard as this was to face, we did not want her to suffer, so we followed the vet’s advice- and then were faced with an equally difficult decision-we didn’t know what to do about “taking Maw home”. Like so many other animal owners, we didn’t have a place to lay her to rest. What were our options? We were at that time unfamiliar with pet cremation but when our vet mentioned it as one alternative, we decided that for us it would be the most dignified way to handle this loss of a loyal little friend and family member. We came away from the experience feeling pleased that we had opted for her cremation.

This turning point in our lives made us think-how many other people across the country were losing cherished members of their family-pets-with no idea what to do with their Earthly bodies? After much research and much encouragement from the veterinary community, Jim and I decided to offer our services in the area with the express assurance to pet owners that in the event of a loss their pets death will be handled personally – in detail – with the respect deserved. Their pets remains will be handled with the dignity with which they lived their lives- not disposed of in some unknown landfill.

Jim and I now have a small garden where rest the cremated remains of Maw and another of our faithful pets. Jim couldn’t bring himself to ride the John Deere Gator for about 6 months after the loss of his little friend. But time does heal and I’m happy to say that now when I hear the hum of the Gator starting up on an early weekend morning I can look out the window and see two new “Faithful Companions” heading off on an adventure.

If in the future you too experience the loss of a much-loved pet, please consider Faithful Companions – to be assured that everything will be handled with dignity- the way our “Maw” taught us.

Your fellow pet lovers,
Laura Schur – Owner
Jim Schur – Owner